New VatOil Website!


We are proud to present the completely new VatOil website! An up-to-date platform that allows us to serve you best.

Responsive Technology

Due to the responsive technology, the site automatically adjusts to any device. Regardless of whether you're using your mobile, tablet or PC, the site will always be optimally displayed.

Key features

Product advice has a central position on the homepage
Search by make and type
Product advice expanded with specific notes
Option to select usage (normal versus extended intervals)
Improved search functionality: smart searching of the entire website
Filtering options in the catalogue
Responsive technology
Completely renewed dealer finder
Modern design
Large pictures
Brand Portal

Brand Portal

The website also features a Brand Portal. All the VatOil branded material you need is at your disposal fast and simple. Logo's, pack shots and other images, advertisements or flyers; you can download it in an instant. You will find the Brand Portal at at the bottom of the page under the heading 'More'. By clicking the link on the page you immediately reach the portal, you don't need a password.

In the portal you can download a single image but it is also possible to compile a collection which you can download all at once. Access to the portal is unlimited, 24/7.

Advanced search

The new VatOil website is equipped with an advanced search engine, inspired by the Google search functionality. This gives you various possibilities to get to the right product advice. Besides this you can also search the entire website for news and other articles. After a period of getting accustomed to the new search method, users inform us that the search is faster and far more effective. There is no comparable website where one gets the right result this fast.