TecDoc is THE information source for the spare parts and vehicle repair market and contains the original data of the parts manufacturers.

Founded in 1994 by companies from the automotive aftermarket industry and the German Association for Spare parts (GVA), TecDoc Informations System GmbH, Germany has established itself as the leading supplier of electronic spare parts information on the European market.

TecDoc furnishes the free vehicle spare parts market with current and comprehensive data for the identification and ordering of parts – for PC as well as CV – directly from the databases of the cooperating automotive aftermarket manufacturers, in a standardized catalogue form.

The core tasks of TecDoc involve the standardisation, gathering and distribution of data, as well as the development of the necessary data technology. Nevertheless, TecDoc is working intensively to develop new projects in order to offer more efficient solutions to industry, trade and garages. TecDoc® is a registered trademark of TecDoc Information System GmbH, Germany.

VatOil has been awarded the TecDoc Certified Data Supplier Certificate, to confirm that our data are of superior quality.


AutoCrew has more than 550 member workshops both in the automobile and the commercial vehicle domains. Those workshops are supported by powerful and renowned manufacturers whose service packages can be used individually or in combination.

The individual service elements themselves make up the solid foundation for a professional workshop environment with a secure future.

AutoCrew goes far beyond a pure product line and typically offers you specific support as follows:

  • Advertising and sales promotion measures
  • Customer Service
  • Computer solutions for the workshop
  • Technical Service
  • Business management training
  • and other things that extend far beyond the limits of the product portfolio itself.

With AutoCrew's assistance, the first independent workshops have managed to receive ISO 9002 certification. The biggest advantage for the independent workshop lies in the fact that they are able to operate under the umbrella of AutoCrew and to benefit from its strong presence within the market, whilst maintaining their independence. That way, this particular approach leaves scope for things that are truly important: Competent service, customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty to the business.