VatOil Chain Maintenance Kit

Available packagings

24 x Piece 50557

The Chain Maintenance Kit contains two high-quality products specially developed for degreasing and lubricating motorcycle chains. Degreaser removes oil and grease quickly and effectively. In addition to chains, it can also be used on gears, engine and frame; the Degreaser formula removes oil and grease from all soiled areas. Motorcycle Chain Spray is highly resistant to high temperatures thanks to its special composition. The non-fling formula prevents flinging and therefore keeps the rim clean. The penetrative and moisture-repellent properties also make this chain spray especially suitable for lubricating all rotating and difficult-to-reach lubrication points. Developed for normal and O/X/Z ring chains.


Clean the chain thoroughly using Degreaser. Then spray in Motorcycle Chain Spray. Shake well before use!